Iron Wall


Egypt and the Race for Arms and Stability

Wikileaks has revealed that Egypt is being hauled into the US’s problems and threats in the Middle East as calls come from Dr. Colin Kahl (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Arafat Shoukri: “Conditions are ripe to make this flotilla the ‘tipping point’“

A coalition bringing together a number of organizations is preparing to send in May 2010 a relief flotilla of more than ten ships and cargo-boats to Gaza.

Egyptian authorities to demolish houses to complete building the steel wall

The Egyptian authorities were negotiating tens of families living at the border area with Gaza Strip to compensate them and give them alternative houses in Rafah border town to allow

Sources: Egyptian steel wall in final stages

The steel wall built by Egypt under its borders with the Gaza Strip is entering its final stages and would soon close up all tunnels used for smuggling goods into

Crossings authority calls for opening Rafah terminal

The Palestinian crossings and borders authority has asked the Egyptian authorities to open the Rafah border terminal to facilitate travel of patients, students and holders of foreign residence permits.

Bil’in anti-wall protestors defy Israeli military orders for fourth week

The weekly anti-wall march in Bil’in village renewed afternoon Friday the protest against the Israeli segregation wall and settlement activities defying military orders which four weeks ago declared the village

Activist: The PA started to curb the peaceful resistance against the wall

Coordinator of the popular campaign against the wall Jamal Jum’ah said Tuesday that the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah is trying to customize the peaceful resistance against the segregation wall

Egyptian authorities accelerating construction of steel wall

The Egyptian authorities have recently accelerated the construction work of the steel wall built under the border area between Egypt and Gaza Strip, an Egyptian security source said.

IOF troops quell peaceful anti-wall marches

Tens of Palestinian citizens were treated for breathing problems after the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) violently quelled peaceful anti wall marches in a number of West Bank villages on Friday.

Campaign castigates Washington over Gaza buildings

The European campaign to end the siege strongly denounced the US administration for pressuring Israel to allow into Gaza limited construction materials sufficient only for the building of 150 housing