Iron Wall


Israel: UN Chief, EU Official to Enter Gaza

Israel said on Monday that it plans to allow UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and EU foreign affairs Chief Catherine into the besieged Gaza Strip on separate visits

Historic hearing for Ezzat and his colleagues

Counselor Mahmoud Khudairi, former Vice-President of the Court of Cessation, initiated the appeal for the defense emphasizing that the investigation transcripts used by the prosecution was merely lip service.

EU campaign hails Irish FM visit to Gaza

The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza hailed the visit made by Irish foreign minister Michael Martin to the impoverished Gaza Strip, saying it is an important step

We must never forget Gaza

Despite a slight improvement in the general humanitarian situation, the Gaza Strip remains a disaster area.

Rocky sediments hamper Egypt’s iron wall along Gaza borders

The team building the Egyptian iron wall along the borders with the Gaza Strip affirmed Monday that rocky sediments caused by the heavy rains and floods that recently hit the

Jordan releases two for Mubarak insults

Jordan’s top public prosecutor ordered two activists accused of criticizing Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak over Egypt’s construction of a steel wall along their border with the Gaza Strip, released from

Court releases seven of Qalyoubeya MB detainees

The Court of Bandar Banha decided to accept the appeal submitted by seven detainees from Qalyoubeya MB and decided their release.

Sources: Egyptian steel wall along Gaza borders almost completed

- The Egyptian authority was about to complete the steel wall it was erecting along its borders with the besieged Gaza Strip despite the waves of condemnation to that wall,

Gaza and Lebanon: Beware the Iron Wall, the Coming War

Will it be Gaza or Lebanon first? Israel is sending mixed messages, and deliberately so. Hamas, Hezbollah and their supporters understand well the Israeli tactic and must be preparing for

The Wall of Shame

Now, the Egyptian government becomes the ally of Israeli policy at its worst: isolating, strangling, starving, and smothering Palestinian civilian life after having eradicated hundreds. If successive Israeli governments know