Iron Wall


Egypt’s Wall

The demonstrators were Palestine solidarity activists from 43 countries, and they had come to Egypt planning to cross the Egyptian-controlled Rafah gate into Gaza and participate in the Gaza Freedom

Rally outside Egyptian embassy in Paris in protest at Egypt’s iron wall

The coalition of Sheikh Yassin on Saturday evening staged a massive rally outside the Egyptian embassy in Paris to demand Egypt to ease the siege on the Gaza Strip and

Hamas: Depriving Gaza of fuel needs crime against humanity

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said Wednesday that the Palestinian authority’s agreement with the European union to stop supplying the Gaza Strip with its fuel needs to operate the power plant

Three arrested in Ni’ilin night raid

Three residents of Ni’ilin were arrested in a pre-dawn military incursion into the village of Ni’ilin today. This is the 15th time such a raid was conducted in the past

Egypt denies US aid in steel wall construction

The spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Hossam Zaki, denied any American role in funding the construction of the steel wall that Egypt plans to build along its border with

Alexandria: Rearrest of four MB’s despite release orders.

The Interior Ministry defies release orders for four members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in Alexandria. Eight members of the group were formerly arrested and charged with holding demonstrations and

The Qaradawi Index

Yusuf al-Qaradawi is in the news these days, denounced on a daily basis on Saudi, Palestinian and Egyptian op-ed pages, forums and TV over his stances on Gaza, on Hamas

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr Mohamed Badie mourned the death of Dr. Ali Sabri

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr Mohamed Badie mourned the death of Dr. Ali Sabri, a renowned Civil Engineers Professor and consulting engineer who passed away yesterday evening

Lawyers protest on Monday objecting to iron wall.

The legitimate general syndicate committee has organized a rally in support of the Palestinians demonstrating their disappointment of the continued construction of the iron wall.

Egyptian Activists File Suit To Stop Gaza Wall

A former Egyptian ambassador, Ibrahim Yousry, in addition to 250 Egyptian and foreign political activists, jurists and parliamentarians filed a lawsuit before an administrative court on Monday against both President