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FJP Delegation Attends Islamic Culture Week in Italy, Highlights Challenges Facing Egypt

Egyptian lawmakers and businessmen visit Italy – where the capital Rome hosts the Islamic Culture Week festival in the biggest mosque in Europe, and impress Italian parliamentarians, to bolster relations

Do Islamists need a way out?

The Case of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in Islam and Politics: Renewal and Resistance in the Muslim World, Stimson Regional Voices, Henry L. Stimson Center Washington, 2009, pp 3-16].

Forget ‘Ground Zero Mosque’, It’s the Great Sharia Conspiracy

- A new report denouncing the threat to the U.S. from sharia, or Islamic law, marks the latest development in a summer filled with intensifying attacks on Islam in the

Opposition to ‘mosque’ directly linked to anti-Islam sentiment, poll shows

We now have clear evidence that there's a direct link between public anti-Islam sentiment and public opposition to the construction of Cordoba House, a.k.a. the "Ground Zero mosque."

Pamela, Robert .. Congrats!!

Two hate crimes against Muslims in the US were reported within less than 24 hours from each other. Obviously, this worrying hatred and racism escalated following the campaign initiated by

Let Muslims build near site of ground zero

American Muslims are guaranteed the same rights, privileges and protections extended to every other citizen by the Constitution, and this includes full participation in society and freedom of worship. Calling

Why America Needs More Muslims

There is already a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center -- it’s been there since 1985. Men and women pray together at Masjid al-Farah; its services are

Cosmopolitan Islamism and its Critics

4Shbab is an emerging music-television channel based in Cairo, financed by Saudi investors, and directed towards a global Muslim public. Through its programming and public and private statements of its

Those We Honour and Why

In honouring those who define the values we share and those whose work we seek to emulate, Arab Americans make a statement about who we are, what we bring to

Palestinian Culture Minister-Designate to Ikhwanweb

Ikhwanweb met with Prof.Ata’ullah Abu-Assabh, the Palestinian Culture Minister-Designate, on the margin of “Supporting the Resistance in Palestine and Iraq Conference”, which was held in Cairo from 23 to 26