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Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh Strongly Condemns Brutal Police Assault, Arrest of Peaceful Protesters

The Islamic Group in Bangladesh denounces brutal and vengeful attacks by fascist government forces against demonstrators, in which police used live ammunition, injured many and arrested hundreds.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Unjust Trials for Leaders of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami

Translation of the Brotherhood’s statement condemning political trials targeting Islamists in Bangladesh, urging all relevant organizations to do their duty and halt violations of human rights.

Susan Saad Zaghloul, the Only Woman Winner of Individual Seats in Egyptian Elections

Susan Saad Zaghloul was defeated by Mubarak fraud in 2010 elections, helped to a resounding victory by the 2012 revolution.

MB Leader Praises Role of the Army in Protecting the Revolution

Dr. Safwat Hegazy of the board of trustees of the revolution, praised the role of the Egyptian army in protecting the revolution so far, although a better performance was expected.

Why Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood isn’t the Islamic bogeyman

Western fears of Islamist takeover in post-Mubarak Egypt are unfounded. During recent protests, the Muslim Brotherhood has demonstrated a commitment to peaceful political participation.

Not Just Islamophobia

Dubbed an ‘anti-Muslim bigot’ Frank Gaffney alleges that the Muslim Brotherhood is running an influence operation in Washington, D.C. by accusing Muslim Republican Suhail Khan – about whom Gaffney has

Scapegoating the Muslim Brotherhood

Maybe the Brotherhood would win a free and fair election in Egypt. Maybe not. They are popular, but are they popular enough to bring home a majority vote? Probably not.

Al-Qaeda losing supporters in jihadi groups across Arab world

The main rift within the circles of the so-called jihadi groups in the Arab world first appeared in the mid to late 1990s.

HAMAS: Friend or Foe in the Fight Against Terrorism

Due to the significance that Palestine has assumed in the Islamic discourse for more than half a century, AQ has used Palestine to be at the heart of its propaganda

MB lashes out against Egypt gov’t over terror charges

“The MB is based on reform on the basis of correct and complete Islam through all and any peaceful means,” the statement said.