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Christians Against The Coup: Christians Suffered No Violation During Brotherhood Rule

Egypt’s anti-coup, pro-democracy Christian liberal movement affirms that Christians were never subjected to any repression or harassment under Muslim Brotherhood rule.

Tunisia: Ennahdha Party Statement on Events in Bangladesh

Following the dead sentence issued on 28 February 2013 against scholar Sheikh Delwar Hossain Sayedee, deputy leader of the Jamaat Islami of Bangladesh and former member of parliament, Ennahdha Party:

FJP Female MP Says Will Represent Entire Community, not just Women

FJP online interviewed Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) newly elected MP in Daqahleya Seham Al-Gamal, previously a candidate in the 2010 parliamentary election in the women's quota, where she fell

MB & FJP: We Seek West-Like Union, Not Traditional Caliphate

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Barr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Bureau and Dean of Al-Azhar University’s Faculty of Theology and Da’wa (Islamic reach-out) in Mansoura, clarified that Dr. Mohamed Badie,MB

Overtures to Egypt’s Islamists Reverse Longtime U.S. Policy

With the Muslim Brotherhood pulling within reach of an outright majority in Egypt’s new Parliament, the Obama administration has begun to reverse decades of mistrust and hostility as it seeks

Dr. Darraj: Silence Of The Military Over Selmi Initiative Is Suspicious

Dr. Amr Darraj, Secretary of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Giza, stressed that the most important demand of the upcoming November 18 ‘million-man demonstration’ is for the Supreme

Tunisia’s Ennahda Pledges Support For Tourism Sector

Tunisia's Ennahda movement pledged to guarantee civil liberties for all Tunisian men and women, including freedoms of opinion, association, religion and belief, in an effort to dispel concerns about the

Tunisia: Ennahdha Party Chairman’s Speech Delivered at Friday’s Press Conference

Ennahdha party congratulates the Tunisian people who reali sed a new epic achievement though the great turnout to vote which amazed the world, after having sparked the greatest revolution in

Sawasya: Ambiguity Surrounds Maspero’s Bloody Sunday As Eyewitness Accounts Conflict

Sawasya Centre for Human Rights confirmed that ambiguity and uncertainty obscure the causes of the Maspero events and how they unfolded due to contradictory testimonies of Egyptian citizens, Muslims and

Ki-moon condemns Israel’s demolition of Shepherd hotel in O. Jerusalem

UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon denounced Israel for demolishing Shepherd hotel, the house of late grand mufti of the holy city Amin Al-Husseini, in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem.