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MB Secretary General: We Seek Neither Power nor Authority

Secretary General for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mahmoud Hussein accused the Egyptian government of attempting to tarnish the image of the Muslim Brotherhood in the media and hindering the group’s

Grand Mufti calls on Muslim countries to resist occupation

The 37Th commemoration of Egypt’s victory over Israel was marked by Egypt’s Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa calling on Muslims to stand up to oppressive occupation and tyranny and to possess

MB urges Arab and Islamic nations to help Pakistan ‘s flood victims

The Muslim Brotherhood monitored the disaster that took place in Pakistan due to floods and rainfalls, which destroyed up to 650 thousand homes, affecting close to 15 million people

MB Chairman Dr Badie calls on leaders to support Resistance

Dr. Mohammed Badie chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood called on all Arab leaders to take a firm stance and assume full responsibility in all of the Islamic nation's issues.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on IOF War Crimes against Holy Sites

The MB movement condemns the storming of the Aqsa Mosque, the desecration of its courtyards, and the attack on the worshipers and continuing offense in which the whole world is

Savior movements

We can say that after surviving this last nationalist trauma, we have experienced with the Kurdish issue, we may move toward regional integration in line with the spirit of the

Abu Shaar warns of Israeli attempt to annex Aqsa to Jewish historical sites

PA minister of religious affairs in Gaza Dr. Taleb Abu Shaar has warned of calls by a Zionist organization for annexing the Aqsa Mosque to the list of Jewish historical

MB Chairman: al-Banna laid the foundations for the nation’s development

Dr. Mohammed Badi, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stressed that the martyr Imam Hassan al-Banna, founder of the group and its first leader did not die. He still present

‘MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD’ – An ideological Protectorate of Saudi Arabia?

‘Muslim Brotherhood’ (MB), an Egypt-born Islamist organization founded for launching Jihad against the infidels in general and Christian West in particular has been an ideological protectorate of Saudi Arabia for

Mohammed Mahdi Akef: Have faith for there will be a bright tomorrow for the Islamic

In his weekly statement to the Muslim Brotherhood movement the chairman Mr. Mohammed Mahdi Akef,