Islamic Parties


Muslim Brotherhood Submits Legal Request Demanding Commitment to Peaceful Protests

Egypt Brotherhood lawyer says parties calling for demonstrations outside the group’s headquarters must commit to peaceful protest and bear consequences of any acts of violence.

Statement of National and Islamic Parties, Groups and Movements in Gaza Strip

On the third day of the Israeli aggression on the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza, national and Islamic parties and groups held an emergency meeting, and in conclusion issued a

Al-Shater on Dubai TV: Revolution Youth are Renaissance Mainstay, Hope of the Nation

Egyptian presidential candidate Khairat Al-Shater affirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) are endeavoring to honor the trust vested in them by the Egyptian people

Tunisia and Egypt One Year On by ESAM AL-AMIN

January 25 marked the one-year anniversary of the inception of Egypt’s revolution against the dictatorship of the Mubarak regime, eleven days after the success of the Tunisian revolution, when its

MB Endorses “National Honor Code” for Free Elections

Deputy Chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Eng. Khairat AL-Shater announced his full support for the 'National Honor Code', drafted and posted by youth of several Islamic parties on the