Islamic Reference


Dr. Morsi ‘90 Minutes’ Interview – Tuesday, May 15

During his interview with Amr Laithi, Dr. Morsi affirmed that with Islamic reference, the nation is the source of authority, and that Christians are an integral part of the fabric

Full Report on Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s Visit to Aswan

Translation of a full report on presidential contender Dr. Morsi’s mass rally held in Aswan on May 5, 2012 as part of his election campaign across Egypt.

Morsi on CBC: I Stand With Freedom of Creativity, Expression

Excerpts from Dr. Morsi’s interview in the Egyptian satellite TV channel CBC on Wednesday and Thursday 9 and 10, May 2012

Dr. Morsi: We Entered Presidential Race to Save the Revolution, Rejuvenate Egypt

Egypt’s most likely first post-revolution president sheds more light on his electoral platform, Nahda (or Renaissance) Project, which experts describe as the true remedy for all Egypt’s ailments.

Al-Shater in Menoufia: We Stand in Solidarity with the Poor, the Afflicted, the Oppressed, and

Despite doubts surrounding his eligibility to run for office, the Brotherhood chosen candidate for the Egypt’s top post is pursuing his electoral campaign in Menoufia where he urges people to

Al-Shater, in Cairo: Renaissance Project Made by All Egyptians

While Egypt’s new presidential hopeful Al-Shater promises total overhaul of the country’s economy and security systems, vowing to solve daily living problems within months, he urges every citizen to do

MB concludes 2 day conference; chooses party leader

Following a two day conference the Muslim Brotherhood's Shura council revealed decisions made in their first historical meeting in 16 years.

Ghozlan: Muslim Brotherhood Would Accept Coptic or Woman As Head for its Party

IkhwanWeb conducted this interview with Mahmoud Ghozlan, member of the MB’s Executive Bureau, several weeks before his detention in the occasion of celebrating the 80th anniversary of the establishment of