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Erian: Arabs on Inevitable Date with Change, Freedom and Democratization

Freedom and Justice Party Leader Erian assures Arabs current hurdles in the way of democratic change are nothing but the darkest hour before dawn.

Freedom and Justice Party Strongly Condemns Boston Bombings

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, denounces the Marathon bombings in Boston, USA, and offers sincere condolences to victims’ families.

Constituent Assembly Statement on False Claims Regarding Draft Constitution

Persisting in their desperate attempts to prevent Egypt from forging ahead with rebuilding and real renaissance, dark forces circulate blatant lies and false claims regarding the country’s new national charter

In Million-Man Marches Saturday, Rallies from Alex and Cairo to Assiut, People’s Revolutionary Will Shines

Massive, passionate, peaceful, dignified, unprecedented – are the ‘billion-man’ demonstrations comprising supporters of 48 different Egyptian political, social and revolutionary parties and movements on Saturday in support of Morsi’s decrees

Muslim Brotherhood Clarifies Contention Points in Article 2 of Constitution

Brotherhood leader and member of the Egyptian panel entrusted with writing the country’s new national charter, Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, explains the tug of war between secularists and liberals on the

Evangelical Church of Egypt (Synod of the Nile) Hails Brotherhood Chairman Visit

Dr. Andrea Zaki expresses the Church’s sincere appreciation for the Muslim Brotherhood chief’s visit, which “deepened understanding between us”, adding that, “We are determined to keep the principles of Islamic

Head of Coptic Assembly Praises Muslim Brotherhood

Dr. Sherif Doss, professor of internal medicine and head of the Coptic Assembly, affirmed that the Assembly met with leaders of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) at least three times,

Azhar: Saudi fatwa a bit ‘extreme’

CAIRO: A Saudi Arabian scholar has sparked new controversy and ire among Egypt’s al-Azhar scholars after issuing a fatwa that authorizes the killing of any individual that allows for the