Islamic Unity


Badie calls on Arab and Muslim leaders and royalty during summit

Badie: It is time to unite and put aside Arab differences in the hope that Muslims regain their freedom and restore their status position

Chairman: Unity will successfully combat corruption and oppression.

In his weekly statement Dr Badie chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood concentrated on the significance of the Islamic world to liberate itself from any foreign oppression.

Egyptian Teaching staff’s club: No intentions to cut off ties with teaching institutions in Algeria.

In a conference which brought together Egyptian Teaching club's and administrations allegations claiming that the Teacher's council will boycott relations with Algerian Educational and academic club's were denied .

Khater slams Arabs for not showing zeal for Aqsa as they do with football

Secretary-general of the Islamic-Christian commission Hasan Khater stated Saturday that Israel would not have dared to Judaize the occupied city of Jerusalem, desecrate its holy shrines and displace its people

Denials abound as riots engulf Egypt

CAIRO: Salem Ebeid continued shaking his head, even after footage of the damage and destruction on Cairo’s streets were placed in front of him.

Egyptians attack Algerians in post-match violence

CAIRO: By early afternoon, the scene in front of the Algerian Embassy in Cairo had calmed somewhat after angry Egyptians attacked the embassy in the upscale Zamalek neighborhood.

Aswan MB students hold a rally endorsing anti-prejudice

The Muslim Brotherhood students in Aswan organized an awareness rally hoping to encourage youths to support the Egyptian football team without narrow-mindedness and prejudice. The rally was initiated in an

Qaradawi calls on Muslims all over the world to unite against deplorable IOF attacks on

Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi chairman of the World's Muslim Scholars Union has called on Muslims all over the world to unite in an uprising and rally in protest against the appalling

Qaradawi, Rafsanjani Urge Unity

In the first high-profile meeting between top Sunni and Shiite scholars, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi and Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the head of Iran’s influential Expediency

MB proposes celebrating Isra’ and Miraj as a day for the Aqsa Mosque

The influential Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Saturday urged the entire Muslim Ummah to consider the anniversary of the Isra’ and Miraj as an international day for supporting the Aqsa Mosque.