Islamic Values


Political Islam and Democracy, by German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle

In an opinion article, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle addresses the role of Islamic political parties in the changes underway in North Africa and the Arab world.

Ikhwanweb mourns the death of Egyptian Scholar Dr. Fathi Osman

Ikhwanweb” joins with so many others who knew Dr Osman in offering its deepest sympathy on his passing.

Fathi Osman, Scholar of Islam, Dies at 82

Fathi Osman, an influential scholar who articulated a liberal version of Islam and published an authoritative guide to the Koran for non-Arabic readers, died on Sept.

MB rejects allegations it’s downplaying significance of Islamic ethics and teachings

The MB refutes the claims and wishes to state in the strongest possible terms that just as it is firmly committed to condemning any dictatorial, corrupt and oppressive action it


Although this raises legitimate fears amongst the western media, the Muslim Brotherhood denounces labels like “fundamentalist” as the media pigeonholing them, and draw attention to their "15 Principles" for an

BBC compares Ikhwanbook to Facebook

The BBC news website commented on the Muslim Brotherhood's, social networking site Ikhwanbook comparing it to the renowned US Facebook.

President Obama’s Islamist Opening in the Middle East

Increasingly rising Islamists forces have rejected terrorism and salafist doctrine but supported violence by Palestinians against Israel and Sunni resistance against Shiia militias and U.S. forces in Iraq.