Islamist Parties


Egypt’s coup has plunged the country into catastrophe

There's no doubt Mohamed Morsi's government made mistakes, but now Sisi's regime is bringing the country to its knees

FJP’s Darrag Condemns Attack on Coup Interior Minister; Asserts: Our Activities Peaceful

An assassination attempt can go a long way to justify a bigger wave of state-sponsored terror against all those opposed to the bloody, traitorous coup.

Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau Meeting Discusses June 21 Million-Man March

Brotherhood leaders meet with other Islamists to co-ordinate efforts and discuss how to best serve the higher interests of Egypt and its people.

Introducing the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood

Everything about the scene in the white marquee erected in Tripoli's Mina as-Shaab waterside quarter would have been unthinkable until last year.

Islamist Parties in Power: A Work in Progress – Carnegie Middle East Center – Carnegie

The success of Islamist parties in countries in transition is causing a lot of angst, both among secularists in the region and observers in the West.

Trip Report by Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to Egypt

The primary purpose of my trip was to join 40 other Carter Center election observers who have been deployed in Egypt since late November. Additionally, I wished to consult with

Why Islamists Are Better Democrats

If the Arab Spring was seeded by a liberal insurrection, the Arab Fall has brought a rich harvest for Political Islam. In election after election, parties that embrace various shades

Beltagy: FJP Seeking to Form National Coalition, Not MB or Islamist Majority

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, from the Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP) Executive Bureau in Cairoasserted, that the party desires a cohesive national coalition rather than a Muslim Brotherhood (MB), or Islamist

The real threat in Egypt: Delayed democracy

A lot of people in Washington seem to think so, though they are talking about it quietly so far. Their fears are specific: that the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic

WP: Egyptian Army Prefers Turkish Model, But Will Not Impose It

Washington Post, reported that the ruling Military Council started to release signals that they want the army to continue to play key roles, namely to be the guarantor of the