Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Prominent Islamist Politician Hassan Al-Turabi

 The Muslim Brotherhood mourns the Islamic thinker Dr Hassan Al-Turabi, one of the most prominent Islamist scholars and politicians and head of the Popular Congress Party in Sudan, who passed

Muslim Brotherhood Believes in Popular Will, Democracy Despite Junta Attempts to Eradicate Group

The Muslim Brotherhood's message on the 65th anniversary of its founder Hassan Al-Banna's death on February 12, 1949: Still Steadfast on the Path.

FJP, Anti-Coup Alliance Reaffirm Peacefulness Choice; Reject Violence Against Army

Egypt’s coalition of pro-Morsi parties and movements reject incitement to violence as a reaction to the repressive practices of the Egyptian Interior Ministry and its security agencies against peaceful protesters.

Rabaa Al-Adaweya Field Hospital Statement on Violent Storming of Facility by Armed Forces

In an attempt to destroy some of the massive physical evidence of their war crimes and savagery, heavily armed security forces stormed the field hospital and reportedly torched the whole

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Regarding General Al-Sisi Speech Wednesday, July 24

Sisi speech reveals bloody, violent intentions of the coup commanders and collaborators, who seek a flimsy ‘popular’ cover for a murderous crackdown on Islamists in Egypt – the military-run police

Ahmed Aref: Muslim Brotherhood Committed to Peaceful Protest, Self-Restraint

In a speech Thursday, Brotherhood spokesman Aref assures that despite all the brutal repression and excessive violence that killed and injured thousands of pro-democracy, pro-Morsi demonstrators across Egypt, the Brotherhood

Alliance in Support of Legitimacy Calls Protests from All Mosques After Friday Prayers

National Alliance in Support of Electoral Legitimacy (NASEL) exhorts Egyptians to turn out in protest rallies starting from mosques across Egypt tomorrow (Friday) after noon prayers.

‘No to Violence’ Friday Final Statement

Translation of the statement issued at the end of Friday’s million-man rally in Cairo in support of democracy, legitimacy and peaceful action.

Poll Shows Muslim Brotherhood Maintaining Support Despite Egypt’s Travails

Two years after Egyptians banded together to overthrow former President Hosni Mubarak, the country’s much-celebrated revolution isn't going well, according to Egyptians who responded to a Pew Research Center survey

Salafi Call Supports Freedom and Justice Party; Demands Investigation into Mosque Sieges

Powerful Islamist group ‘Salafi Call’ urges all parties, Islamist and non-Islamist, to show solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP against protest violence that threatens political life.