Egypt’s New Year Resolution –

EGYPT is in turmoil, and many so-called experts have concluded that religion is the cause. It is not.

Brotherhood and FJP Legal Experts Abdel-Maksoud and Ashri: Muslim Brotherhood 100% Legal

Muslim Brotherhood lawyers affirm the Islamic group’s legal status is beyond doubt, and assure the Brotherhood is ready and willing to conform, if and when legally necessary.

Between Interference and Assistance: The Politics of International Support in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya

Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have all held relatively successful elections, ushering in parliaments and governments with popular mandates.

Mahmoud Hussein: Calls to Block Referendum Process is Plain Political Bankruptcy

Dialogue between Egyptian Presidency and opposition forces – stubbornly boycotted by certain parties – shows in no ambiguous terms who genuinely wants democracy, stability and progress for the homeland and

Islamist Coalition Statement on Friday December 7 Protests, Events and Clashes

The Islamist Coalition condemns opposition attempts to topple the legitimate elected President and the nascent Egyptian democracy, saying all options for positive response are on the table.

In Million-Man Marches Saturday, Rallies from Alex and Cairo to Assiut, People’s Revolutionary Will Shines

Massive, passionate, peaceful, dignified, unprecedented – are the ‘billion-man’ demonstrations comprising supporters of 48 different Egyptian political, social and revolutionary parties and movements on Saturday in support of Morsi’s decrees

Introducing the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood

Everything about the scene in the white marquee erected in Tripoli's Mina as-Shaab waterside quarter would have been unthinkable until last year.

Hamdi Qandil: Forming Cabinet is President Morsi’s Priority

Media figure Qandil affirmed that new Egyptian government will be formed soon, with an honorable national personality taking the post of Prime Minister, most probably to be announced Tuesday.

Parliament’s Greatest Achievement Supports Rights of Female-Headed Households

Egypt’s Islamist-led parliament enacts new law amendments to provide financial and medical care help to women-headed households who were overlooked by the corrupt former regime.

Daily Mail: The Brave Women of the Middle East

After being viciously beaten by a 10-strong mob of Egyptian male soldiers, this woman lies helplessly on the ground as her shirt is ripped from her body and a man