Muslim Brotherhood Marks 100-Year Sykes-Picot, Vowing Victory Despite Wounds, Sacrifices

A century has passed since the secret agreement signed on May 17, 1916 by the French diplomat François Georges-Picot with Britain’s representative Mark Sykes, with the assent of the Russian

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Execution of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami leader Rahman Nizami

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns the heinous crime committed by the Awami League government in Bangladesh, headed by Ms Hasina. The regime unjustly executed Motiur Rahman Nizami, the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami

Politics or Piety? Why the Muslim Brotherhood Engages in Social Service Provision

“Islamists on Islamism Today” is a new series within Brookings's Rethinking Political Islam project. In this series, we will hear directly from Islamist activists and leaders themselves, as they engage

Jordan Muslim Brotherhood Comptroller-General Condemns Wednesday Crackdown Events

A message from Dr Hammam Saeed, Jordan Muslim Brotherhood Comptroller-General, to all group members, regarding a new campaign against the group by the ruling regime.

President Morsi Son Released After One Year Imprisonment on Fabricated Charges

Abdullah Morsi, the youngest son of President Mohamed Morsi, is released after spending a whole year in a coup prison for supposedly smoking hash.

Mohamed Ali Bishr’s Family Urges Intervention to Safeguard his Rights, Health

Arrested by junta security forces on trumped-up charges, a Minister in Morsi's legitimate government is prevented from getting his essential medicines while in pre-trial detention, a heinous barbaric way to

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Condemns Arrest of Mohamed Ali Bishr by Coup Forces

Egypt's broad-based coalition of groups and individuals opposed to the military junta regime issues a statement denouncing the unjustified detention of one of its leaders.

President Morsi Supporters Death in Junta Jails Continues Unabated

Dozens die every day due to deliberate criminal negligence in the military regime's prisons all over Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Coup Leader UN Visit

In a statement issued Thursday, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood denounces UN welcome of coup commander Al-Sisi, whose hands are stained with the fresh blood of thousands of innocent Egyptians.

Demonizing The Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Help in The Fight Against ISIS

This article is the first of our series on The Brotherhood vs. ISIS: MEMO reopens debate on contemporary political Islam