Batman’s Muslim Offside Draws Ire of US Right-Wing

WASHINGTON – In early 1939, Superman was successful in action comics as Batman used to battle many enemies but now he has to face the anger of right-wing US bloggers

Vulnerable Muslim Youth: The Challenge of Counter-Radicalisation

Atlanta, Georgia - Many of us are still bewildered by the bizarre news of the 19-year-old Somali-born American citizen, Muhammad Osman Mohamud, arrested on 25 November for attempting to bomb

Islamophobia at Its Best: Muslim Employees Banned from Hotel during Barak’s Visit

In a blatant act of prejudice a hotel's general manager told Muslim employees not to come in after the State Department had reported “irregularities” in routine background checks on them

WikiLeaks reveals Vatican has Islamophobic tendencies

The WikiLeaks cables are getting more interesting by the minute exposing and highlighting what has already been brewing in many intellects minds of the attitude of some in the West

Islamophobia Discussed by US Panel

The University of Iowa Center for Human Rights, the UI Muslim Student Association, and UI International Programs organized a conference to discuss cooperation among faiths and how to surmount stereotypes

OIC calls for action on Islamophobia

Misunderstanding of minority groups can ‘pit one part of humanity against the other’JEDDAH: The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has called for joint action by Muslims and the international

Harvard Students Protest Martin Peretz

Scores of students at Harvard University held a protest Saturday condemning the school’s decision to honor Martin Peretz.

Dealing with Islamophobia

These are the words that we wish all non-Muslims brothers and sister to hear and learn about Islam. First Community Church, Columbus, OH Preaching on Sunday, August 29, worship service

Martin Peretz: editor of New Republic and agent of Israel

Martin Peretz is editor-in-chief of the New Republic. He acquired that position by simply buying the magazine in 1974.

Martin Peretz: His racist bigotry is nothing new

Long hovering around 100,000 subscribers, The New Republic’s circulation dropped in the aftermath of September 11 and the run-up to the Iraq War. Its average paid circulation for 2007 was