Protest Over Honoree’s Remarks about Muslims

A recent article posted by Editor Martin Peretz in The New Republic in response to a poll taken on a proposed Muslim community centre near ground zero has received angry

Three Sides of the Qu’ran Burning Triangle

Ever since the 1989 “Satanic Verses” by Indian-born British author Salman Rushdie, the Muslim public, inflamed by some of their religious leaders, has been easily incited if not directly manipulated.

Learn, Don’t Burn

As a Florida pastor made, and then cancelled, plans to burn copies of the Qur'an today, a leading U.S. Islamic organization has called for support of their "Learn, Don't Burn"

WAMY Chief fears violence

Saleh S. Al-Wohaibi, the head of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), has expressed fears the burning of copies of the Qura'n by a small church in Florida on

Church leader, Fred Phelps vows to take over Jones’ Quran burning plans indicating Islamophobic tendencies

According to sources the Phelps clan at Westboro insists it will not back down or be persuaded to change its plans of burning the Quran. In fact this is not

Fighting back: Website takes on Muslim Brotherhood critics

The website defines Ikhwanophobes - another term it coined - as those who believe Muslim Brotherhood members are religious fanatics, violent towards non-Muslims, and contemptuous of values such as equality,

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf Advocates Moderate Religious Outlook at Dubai School of Government Talk

The Imam’s comments came during a talk on “Religious Tolerance and Muslim Life in America” held at the Dubai School of Government (DSG).

Obama unfazed about religion rumours

According to numbers posted in an article in CBS the nonpartisan Pew Research Center revealed that 18 percent of Americans believe that US President Obama is Muslim.

Cabbie attack and Queens mosque desecration spark religious tolerance debate in America

The recent attack on a New York cab driver and the desecration of a mosque in Queens, gave rise to the Islamophobia issue in the US, fueled by the debate

CNN: Armed Christian militia pulls support from Burn a Quran event

CNN reports that A Christian organization's which had vowed to protect a Florida church during the event of burning the Quran in commemoration with the September 11 attack withdrew its