US Copts protest against construction of NY mosque near Ground Zero

Coptic organizations in the US announced their intention to organize a rally on September 10, in protest to the building of a mosque in New York City, blocks away from

CNN survey reveals intolerance for Ground Zero Mosque

A survey conducted by the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll revealed that the controversial plan to build an Islamic centre has not been met with lightly with an overwhelming 70% of

Dutch political leader’s call to rename Jordan, Palestine angers Jordanians

The Islamic Action Front in Jordan has urged its government to convene with the Dutch Ambassador in Amman in order to present her with an official letter of protest to

French court rules in favor of Muslim student forced to remove Hijab

A French court ruled in favour of a Muslim student who filed a lawsuit after being expelled from a training centre in Paris for wearing the hijab

Protests against ground Zero Mosque

The prospect of building a Mosque near Ground Zero in New York City has prompted protestors from all over US to voice their opposition disregarding all reason and demonstrating Islamophobic

Spain: Lerida Bans the Face Veil

The town council voted to prohibit the “use of the veil and other clothes and accessories which cover the face and prevent identification in buildings and installations of the town

Muslim attacked and “beaten to a pulp” in Brooklyn; Is it a hate crime?

Was it a hate crime or something else? That’s the question surrounding the savage beating of a Brooklyn man in broad daylight this weekend.

French politicians urged to reject ban on full face veils

Amnesty International has called on French law-makers to reject a draft law banning the wearing of full face veils in public that was adopted by the government and put before

Court in Germany permits minaret construction

An Administrative court in the German city of Minden has ruled that the minaret which is no higher than 16 meters does not violate construction regulations which protect the rights

Open Letter to Islamophobe Dutch MP Geert Wilders

25 per cent of the population of Europe will be Muslim just 12 years from now. Lies, damned lies and statistics, someone said. But if you want native Europeans to