On October 6th Anniversary, Muslim Brotherhood Salutes Egyptian People Who Refused Defeat

The Muslim Brotherhood salutes the great, patriotic Egyptian people, all those who fought the October 6th (1973) war, and all those who still live up the spirit of the Egyptian

Hamas: Truce Deal is Victory for Palestinian Resistance, Thanks to Egypt Historic Role

Egypt-brokered peace deal between Hamas-ruled Gaza and Israel is hailed as a triumph for the Islamic Resistance Movement and the heavily blockaded tiny Gaza Strip.

Erian: Arabs and Muslims Can Contribute to Achieving World Peace

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party deputy chief Erian urges Palestinians to unite and end all internal strife, affirming that the Muslim and Arab world can contribute a great deal in

Katatni and French Ambassador Agree Assad Must Go; Israel Must Stop Offensive Against Gaza

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party Chairman Katatni meets with French Ambassador Nicolas Galey; discuss Middle East troubles; agree Israel must halt its bloody offensive against the Gaza Strip.

Political Parties, Movements at FJP HQ: We Will Visit Gaza; Review All Accords and Treaties

Following a meeting at Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm the FJP’s headquarters, a number of political parties, revolutionary movements and independent politicians are to visit besieged Gaza Strip Sunday.

Steven A. Cook: How Egypt-Watchers Got The Presidential Race So Wrong

Observers, myself included, underestimated both the Muslim Brotherhood and many peoples' desires to return to something approximating the old order.

A Muslim Brotherhood win would resonate far beyond Egypt

The door to democracy is wide open. And what the movement does in power will have enormous influence on Islamists across the whole region.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Israeli Aggression Against Gaza

The Egyptian Freedom and Justice party’s statement regarding the latest unprovoked Israeli military attacks on the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Morsi: Freedom and Justice Party to Introduce Bill in Parliament Regulating NGOs

At the FJP's headquarters, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Party Chairman, received on Monday afternoon James Moran, the European Union Ambassador to Egypt, who vowed support for Egypt's transition to Democracy.

Muslim Brotherhood Lawyers: More Charges To be leveled Against Mubarak, in Addition to Murdering Demonstrators

If the murder-of-demonstrators case against Mubarak fails to earn him the death penalty, there are many victims of his defunct regime who are willing to bring more charges against him.