Israeli Jails


Abbas’s militias kidnap 13 Palestinian citizens in Nablus and Tulkarem

Mahmoud Abbas’s militias reportedly kidnapped 13 Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas during the last two days in the districts of Nablus and Tulkarem.

Hamas: Talk about a near exchange deal premature

The Hamas Movement has described the media reports on a near prisoners' exchange deal between Israel and the Palestinian resistance factions capturing Gilad Shalit as "premature".

Arab League demands international inspection of Israeli jails

The general secretariat of the Arab League has called for opening the Israeli jails for international inspection and monitoring to put an end to the Israeli violations of Arab and

Ex-detainee Hussein urges Palestinian resistance to kidnap more Israeli soldiers

GAZA, (PIC)-- Newly released ex-detainee Younis Hussein on Sunday called on the Palestinian resistance factions to kidnap more Israeli soldiers in order to ensure the release of all Palestinian detainees

Ministry of detainees: Diabetic Palestinian prisoners rose to 88 patients

The ministry of prisoners’ affairs reported Sunday that the number of Palestinian prisoners suffering from diabetes in Israeli jails jumped to 88 patients at a rate of 10 percent compared

Human rights center vows to sue Israeli leaders as war criminals everywhere

The Gaza-based Palestinian center for human rights has vowed Saturday that it would relentlessly work to prosecute Israeli leaders accused of committing war crimes against the Palestinian people even before

Ghoul: Suffering of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails increase in winter

Palestinian justice minister in Gaza and chairman of the legal committee in the Palestinian legislative council Mohammed Al-Ghoul has said that the suffering of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation authority

Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Lebanese People For Prisoners Release

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt expressed its rejoice for the release of five Lebanese prisoners from Israeli jails. Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, MB Chairman,