Israeli occupation


Hamas: Egyptian Court Ban on Movement Activity Political Decision

Junta judiciary seize Hamas HQs and assets in Egypt, and ban all the movement's activity, as a clearly politicized court decision declares Hamas a 'Terrorist Group'.

Shura Presser Wednesday Rejects Hezbullah Interference in Syria as Threat to Regional Security

Egypt Upper House calls on Lebanon’s Hezbullah to leave Syria to its brave people and focus on its own resistance and defense of Lebanese territories.

FJP on Nakba Day: No Land Exchange, No Palestine Right of Return Compromise

Nakba Day, Yawm An-Nakba, or Day of the Catastrophe, is 15th of May. It commemorates the forced displacement of Palestinians that preceded and followed the Israeli 1948 Declaration of Independence.

Muslim Brotherhood and FJP Views on the Grand Mufti’s visit to Jerusalem under occupation

The visit to Jerusalem by one of Egypt’s top Muslim clerics has caused spreading waves of anger and amazement, since it violates a national ban, albeit unofficial, to visiting all

Freedom and Justice Party: Grand Mufti Jerusalem Visit Serious Mistake

What is seen as a free normalization maneuver by a prominent Egyptian official is unequivocally condemned by all political parties, groups and movements, including the powerful Muslim Brotherhood.

Haniya: Israel Thwarts Presidential Elections in Palestine

Despite difficulties in holding Palestinian Presidential elections, for now, Haniya asserts that reconciliation efforts are continuing and will lead to full unity.

Meshaal Congratulates Morsi on FJP Victory in Legislative Elections

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), received on Saturday (January 21, 2012) Mr. Khaled Meshaal, head of Hamas’ political bureau, who offered his sincere congratulations to

Following Border Attack, FJP Criticizes Diplomat for Dining With Israeli President

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leaders slammed Egypt’s Deputy Ambassador to Israel Mustafa Alkony attending a Ramadan Iftar hosted by Israel’s President Shimon Perez in Jerusalem.

Muslim Brotherhood Calls on Iran to End Its Support of Syrian Regime

The Muslim Brotherhood called on Iran to end its support of the current Syrian government in the wake of violent clashes that have erupted since mid-March which left nearly 2000

FJP: Palestinian Reconciliation Is Pivotal

In a press release Wednesday about the Palestinian issue, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) said that national consensus in Palestine is needed for the best interest of the people,