Israeli Parliament


Apartheid Israel-style: law to keep Jews and Arabs apart

Jonathan Cook reports on a draft apartheid law, currently going through the Israeli parliament, which would enshrine in law the right of Jewish community associations to accept only Jews, making

Arizona State University Students Protest IOF Soldier

A diverse group of Arizona State University students joined together to protest IOF Sargent Nadav Weinberg's lecture on the "Ethics of the IDF."

Mishaal: Siege on Gaza broken politically and ethically

Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas's political bureau, said on Monday that the unjust Israeli blockade on Gaza Strip has actually broken politically and morally, adding that negotiations with the

Israel makes meeting another Arab a crime

A vague security offence of “contact with a foreign agent” is being used by Israel’s secret police, the Shin Bet, to lock up Arab political activists in Israel without evidence

Israeli Soldiers Sexually Abuse Palestinian Children

Damning (September 9) CNN report cites uncorroborated sexual abuse charges of Palestinian children detained by IDF." Military officials refused to "respond to abuse charges as no details (were) provided," a

Russia: Hebrew media lying about arms to Syria

Russia protested the big media outcry sparked by Israel's media outlets about Moscow's readiness to sell different weapons to Syria.

Analysis of BBC Panorama “Death on the Med” exposes blatant pro-Israel bias

The complaint vindicates all earlier complaints of bias on the part of the BBC. This bias is so consistent and now blatant as to make the BBC guilty of fraud

West Bank activists injured in protests against apartheid wall

Several activists were injured and arrested on Friday afternoon when Israeli military forces used rubber bullets and tear gas canisters to suppress marches against the apartheid wall in villages in

Eghbariye: IOA destruction of two mosques in Ramadan flagrant crime

Israel's so-called civil administration of the West Bank has issued orders for the destruction of two newly built mosques in the West Bank at the pretext of lack of construction

PLC castigates IOA for proposing ban on Niqab

The chairmanship of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) has castigated the reported draft proposal by a member of the Israeli parliament to ban Niqab in public places in 1948 occupied