Israeli Settlements


Major rabbi says non-Jews are donkeys, created to serve Jews

A major Jewish religious figure in Israel has likened non-Jews to donkeys and beasts of burden, saying the main reason for their very existence is to serve Jews.

Palestinians in W. Bank ridicule Obama’s guarantees

The Letter of Guarantees sent by US President Barack Obama to Israeli premier Binyamin Netanyahu in exchange for extending settlement construction freeze has drawn widespread mockery among Palestinian citizens in

Hamas: Resumption of settlement building exposes futility of negotiations

Hamas strongly condemned on Monday the resumption of construction in settlements in the West Bank as a new Zionist crime exposing claims of peace.

Economic emptiness in Palestine and Israel

Israelis and Palestinians have agreed to enter direct negotiations (yet again) in Washington on September 2. The Obama administration is sure to hail this as a significant breakthrough. Jerusalem, refugees,

Occupation plans to increase settlers in West Bank settlements

The Israeli Peace Now movement said on Thursday that the Israeli occupation continues to expand settlements and increase the number of settlers in those settlements.

Israeli bulldozers raze vast area of agricultural land in Al-Khalil

Israeli bulldozers under military protection demolished the agricultural land of Al-Jaber family in Al-Baq'ah area, east of Al-Khalil city.

Israeli Handling of the Media Increasingly Brutal

Palestinian activists are being jailed, Israeli activists are under surveillance, and the Israeli military is increasingly targeting journalists who cover West Bank protests.

Zionist plot to demolish 60 homes in northern Jerusalem

It was revealed that the Israeli occupation municipality of Jerusalem intends to demolish 25 buildings in the Eisaweyya neighbourhood to the north of the holy city at the pretext of

Time to crack down on settlement funding – by Yousef Munayyer

To say that the proliferation of Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory is an impediment to peace is an understatement.

Israeli nuclear espionage: the art of keeping America at risk for fun and profit

Gordon Duff views how Israel and its US spies have been stealing, reverse-engineering and peddling American military secrets and technology.