Israeli Settlers


Hussein Ibrahim: Storming Al-Aqsa Mosque Proves Settlers Racism, Extremism

As extremist Israeli settlers force their way into Muslims’ second most sacred mosque, the so-called strongest army in the world helps the aggressors and arrests Muslim worshipers – hardly the

Israel Calls Peaceful Palestinian Protests – ‘A Virus’

As people throughout the Middle East are staging uprisings struggling to achieve governmental transparency and democracy, Palestinians under siege in Israel face the harshest reality of all their neighboring countries

A dialogue with Hamas – Part 1

In this extended two-part interview Hamdan engages in an in-depth discussion of the party's affairs, policies and interests. This dialogue follows Manuela Paraipan's recently published interview with Hamas leader Khaled

Obama’s Israel policy: speak softly and carry a very big carrot

Maidhc ? Cathail views US President Barack Obama’s policy of solid support for Israel and the lynchpins of that policy, from Israel’s fifth columnists in Congress to key Obama advisers

Death toll of Haifa fire rises to 43 Israelis

The death toll from the massive bushfire in the heavily-forested Carmel hill, southeast of Haifa, rose to 43 on Saturday morning, while Israeli official sources said that the fire reached

IOA resumes work on Jerusalem light rail project

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has declared resumption of work into the light rail project linking western and eastern sectors of the holy city of Jerusalem.

US investors are funding Arab property takeovers in Jerusalem

Rights groups in Jerusalem are warning that Israel has discovered new ways to circumvent US and international pressure to hamper Jewish settlement activity in the holy city by utilizing the

Jewish settlers burn olive trees in Nablus

Jewish settlers burnt dozens of Palestinian olive trees east of Salem village, Nablus district, on Sunday, local sources reported.

Israeli Settlers Threaten Sheikh Jarrah

Israeli settlements are illegal under international law, including Fourth Geneva's Article 49

J’lem rights group: Israeli planners have begun isolating Issawiya from city

A rights group in occupied Jerusalem warned Saturday that Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) have kicked off a new scheme aimed at isolating the city’s Arab district of Al-Issawiya from the