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Richard Forer – Cutting Through the Confusion About Israel/Palestine (Must Read)

In the spring of 2009, I was a member of a group that put up a billboard criticizing Israel's lethal use of force during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

Cutting through the confusion about Israel/Palestine

Richard Forer, a former member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), exposes the deceitful and dishonest foundations on which support for Israel is built.

To Israel: We Demand Our Property

Passengers from the flotilla from several countries listed below) are urging their governments to demand that Israel release the property illegally seized from the passengers in international waters on 31

Massive demo in Spain against Gaza siege

Hundreds of people participated in a march in the Spanish capital on Saturday to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and denounce Israel’s blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Israeli MP who joined flotilla faces witch-hunt

Jonathan Cook reports that an Israeli Arab MP, Haneen Zoubi, who has testified that she had seen passengers on board the Gaza-bound Turkish aid ship Mavi Marmara shot in the

Eyewitness to Israel’s carnage

The Qatar-based media network Al Jazeera has published on its website a series of harrowing eyewitness accounts from survivors of Israel’s military raid on a flotilla of ships bringing humanitarian

Zoughbi: The Israeli navy fired at Mavi Marmara before landing on its deck

Arab Knesset member Hanin Zoughbi said that the Israeli navy started to fire at the passengers of the Turkish cruise ship Mavi Marmara before its commandos landed on the deck,

Two little girls murdered by Israeli soldiers in Jordan valley

Two little girls were killed Wednesday evening when the vehicle they were riding along with their father and brother was deliberately hit by an Israeli armored jeep in the Jordan

Israeli demonstrator badly injured in Bil’in demonstration

BIL’IN, West Bank: Emad Rezqa was hit in the forehead by an aluminum tear gas projectile shot directly at him by Israeli soldiers during the weekly anti-Wall demonstration in Bil’in

Mishaal: We rejected an Arab deal calling for recognizing Israel

Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas’s political bureau, said his Movement rejected an offer it received from Arab officials urging it to accept political terms including recognizing Israel in exchange