Israeli Soldiers


Arrest of Israeli officer leading organ trafficking ring

The Israeli police said Wednesday it arrested a senior military officer leading a human organ trafficking ring that deals with other gangs in Europe active in this kind of crimes,

Necons side with Israel against Obama

In a phrase that the neocons used in the 1980s to demonize Americans who criticized Ronald Reagan’s bloody policies in Central America, it could be said that the Washington Post’s

Rachel Corrie and the image of Israel

When social justice activists like Rachel Corrie are branded terrorists and international human rights law becomes the enemy of the (Israeli) state - all in the name of winning the

Israel: End crackdown on anti-wall activists

Israel has detained Palestinians who advocate non-violent protests against the separation barrier and charged them based on questionable evidence, including allegedly coerced confessions.

Human rights coverage spreads, despite government pushback

The media in the Middle East loved the Intifada. Every detail of Israel’s violations of human rights in the late 1980s in the West Bank and Gaza appeared in the

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian in cold blood in Al-Khalil.

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed in cold blood on Friday evening a Palestinian citizen from Al-Khalil city, south of the West Bank, alleging that he tried to stab one

Three arrested in Ni’ilin night raid

Three residents of Ni’ilin were arrested in a pre-dawn military incursion into the village of Ni’ilin today. This is the 15th time such a raid was conducted in the past

Heavy casualties among Israeli troops east of Khan Younis

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday ambushed Tuesday morning Israeli troops near Kissufim crossing northeast of Khan Younis causing many casualties among them.

Palestinians eager to embrace their beloved ones as prisoner-swap deal nears

Muhammed Yousuf, an elderly 70-year-old farmer, lives near the town of Dura in the al-Khalil region.

Ex-detainee Hussein urges Palestinian resistance to kidnap more Israeli soldiers

GAZA, (PIC)-- Newly released ex-detainee Younis Hussein on Sunday called on the Palestinian resistance factions to kidnap more Israeli soldiers in order to ensure the release of all Palestinian detainees