Israeli troops


Israeli troops attack Palestinians in O. Jerusalem, W. Bank

Many Palestinian citizens sustained injuries on Saturday when they were attacked by Israeli troops in occupied Jerusalem and some West Bank villages during rallies in protest at settlement and Judaization

The Future of Israel

The Israel I live in today is a country where at least half the population is cut off from full-participation in society because of an impenetrable wall of racism and

AL: Israel trying to eject Palestinians from Jordan Valley to take over region

The Arab League's Palestine and occupied Arab land sector released a report documenting the rise in restrictions Israel has placed on Palestinian residents of the Jordan Valley in what it

Israeli troops injure Palestinians, sympathizers during peaceful march in Bil’in

A handful of Palestinians and foreign sympathizers were injured while tens were treated for gas inhalation and one journalist from Germany was arrested Friday after Israeli troops suppressed walks in

Report: Israeli soldiers kill 3, injure dozens in October in Gaza Strip

A report issued by Gaza Strip medical services documented dozens of Palestinian deaths and injuries at the hands of Israeli occupation forces in the month of October, 2010.

Who are the real prisoners?

When I asked in my previous article, "Until when this conspiracy of silence?" concerning more than eleven thousand Palestinian prisoners kidnapped from their homes by Israeli intelligence officers, and suffering

Settlers burn mosque in Bethlehem

Savage Israeli settlers at dawn Monday set fire to a mosque in Beit Fajar town, south of Bethlehem in the West Bank. The fire damaged large parts of the mosque

Palestinian man shot during peaceful anti-wall march south of Gaza

A Palestinian man was shot by Israeli troops east of Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical sources said on Sunday.

Jordan Valley homes due to be demolished over ‘lack of permits

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed Monday afternoon the central Jordan Valley town of Zubaydat and handed out demolition notices against houses in the town.

Israeli military tightens grip on Aqsa as Muslims mark holy night

Occupied Jerusalem turned into a military barracks on the Muslim holy night of Ramadan 27, as thousands of Israeli troops spread around the city denying all West Bankers under 50