Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Friday of Persistence and Defiance’ Day of Anger Protests

Egypt's Anti-Coup National Alliance issues a statement urging patriotic citizens to join the thundering protests to achieve the Revolution's demands and oust the illegitimate coup regime.

Itehadia Martyrs Families Association Condemns Continued Coup Trampling of Rights

The second anniversary of martyrs killed in clashes outside Itehadia Palace on December 5, 2012 finds no retribution, although the murderers are well-known to all.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement: Human Rights Organizations Biased Against President Morsi

An accurate analysis of rights organizations' detailed studies of the situation in Egypt shows that general Al-Sisi's short reign of terror, so far, is the bloodiest and most disastrous for

Itehadia Martyrs Families Press Conference Marks 2012 Massacre First Anniversary

Families of revolutionaries killed outside Itehadia Presidential Palace in 2012 hold a presser reiterating their demands for real investigations into the clashes and vow to take more forceful legal action.

Independent Judiciary Front Coordinator in Itehadia Trial Bombshell Revelations

Cairo – November 4, 2013: An Itehadia Presidential Palace incident 'insider' lawyer says the judiciary sentenced 5 thugs for violence in the clashes, now prosecutor excluded them from case, while

Itehadia Martyrs Families Reject Trial of President Morsi, Demand Arrest of Real Culprits

Families of revolutionaries who died in Itehadia Presidential Palace clashes seek real justice, refusing the false trial of President Morsi who sought a real investigation into the clashes.

Itehadia Presidential Palace Testimonies and Facts

On November 4, 2013, the coup-appointed government will "try" kidnapped President Morsi and his aides in criminal court on charges of conspiracy to kill protesters outside the Ittehadia Palace on

Egypt President Mohamed Morsi Rejects Trial, Defense

Contrary to media myths about elected President Morsi’s defense team, he does not recognize the authority of the court, his legal team will be all Egyptian, and this will only

Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Continue Peaceful Protests Despite Threats to Disperse Sit-Ins

Claiming to have a ‘popular’ mandate to quash anti-coup, pro-democracy sit-ins in Cairo and other governorates across Egypt, the military-installed Cabinet has authorized Ministry of Interior forces to take ‘all

Statement by Pro-Democracy Pro-Morsi Protestors in Response to Al-Sisi Speech

Peaceful sit-in protests issue their own statement to condemn commander Al-Sisi’s actions, from the illegitimate coup to the massacre of worshipers and the witch hunt to stifle opposition and dissent.