Human Rights Report: More Political Prisoners Than Criminal in Egypt Coup Jails

An extensive human rights report revealed that the number of political prisoners in Egyptian jails, with 16 newly added by Sisi and the junta since the July 2013 military coup,

National Alliance Calls ‘Sisi is Burning Egypt’ Popular Protest Week

A statement from the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance condemns the fascist Sisi regime's torching of Egypt and calls mass demonstrations on Friday.

Torture Fears in Qena General Prison as Inmate Badly Maimed by New Chief

A notoriously brutal prison officer causes serious concerns torturing and badly injuring an inmate, after getting a suspended sentence for torturing another to death.

2015 Heavy Harvest: Junta Regime in Egypt Kills 24 Students, Jails 1010 More

Student rights group Freedom Seekers Monitor documents a whole year's atrocities against university and higher-institute students.

A Statement from Former Minister Mohamed Ali Bishr’s Family on Inhuman Jail Conditions

Former Minister Mohamed Ali Bishr's family exhorts authorities in Egypt to allow detainees to wear winter clothing and blankets in notorious Aqrab prison where, absurdly, those are banned in the

Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Rise for Dignity’ Week of Revolutionary Protests

Egypt's pro-democracy national Alliance urges all patriots to come out and join the January (2011) Revolution, to topple the illegitimate junta regime and get back on the road of democratic

Egypt Anti-Coup Politicians Call on All Patriots to Turn Out for Decisive Protest Wave

A number of prominent politicians, dignitaries vow victory for the January 2011 Revolution, urging all patriots to actively participate in a powerful protest wave.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Developments in Egyptian Scene

The Muslim Brotherhood is following closely ongoing developments in the Egyptian scene, with all recent changes, escalations and the overwhelming catastrophic failure of the junta-appointed criminal regime in the areas

Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition: Junta Prisons Hide Many Tortured Esraas

Anti-Coup women alliance urges all Egyptians and the world community to actively support efforts to free women and girls incarcerated and tortured by the repressive coup regime for no crime

Pro-Democracy Coalition Calls ‘Raging People Reject Injustice’ Revolutionary Week

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance urges all patriotic citizens to join the Revolution to oust the brutally repressive military junta and its puppet regime, by turning out for a fresh week of