Jerusalemite MPs


Dozens of Jerusalem residents have iftar with the Jerusalem MPs

Palestinian residents of Jerusalem express their support for their elected MPs, who are threatened with deportation by the Israeli occupation government, by visiting them at their sit-in tent at the

Delegation of Neturei Karta visits Jerusalemite MPs tent

The Jewish group the Neturei Karta has declared solidarity with the Jerusalemite MPs threatened with deportation from their holy city.

Jerusalemite officials facing eviction to escalate if their issue not resolved

Two Jerusalemite lawmakers and one former minister threatened with expulsion from the occupied city of Jerusalem warned they would take further protest steps if their issue was not resolved soon.

Israeli court elongates Palestinian MP Abu Tair’s sentence

Fadi Qawasemi, the attorney for the Jerusalemite MPs threatened with deportation from Jerusalem, said that the Israeli court has decided to extend Jerusalem MP Mohammed Abu Tair’s detention until Monday

Jerusalem MPs take refuge at the red cross to avoid expulsion

Three of the four Palestinian Jerusalem MPs threatened with expulsion from their home city by the Israeli occupation authority took refuge on Thursday in the red cross compound.

Israeli disguised policemen kidnap Jerusalemite MP

A group of Israeli policemen disguised in plain clothes kidnapped Jerusalemite MP Mohammed Abu Tir near his home in Sour Baher village, occupied Jerusalem, on Wednesday.

Abu Teir warned by occupation to leave Jerusalem before Friday evening

The Israeli occupation authority gave an ultimatum to Sheikh Muhammad Abu Teir, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) to leave Jerusalem by Friday evening or be arrested and expelled

Israeli court endorses banishment of Jerusalemite MPs

The Israeli higher court on Sunday evening endorsed the Israeli occupation authority's (IOA) decision to banish Jerusalemite MP Mohammed Abu Tir from occupied Jerusalem.