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Espionage, Assassination, War Crimes and Israel – WikiLeaks

No more than two percent of documents related to Israel have been released so far and any cables that mention Israel are automatically categorized as ‘sensitive’ as well as being

Mahmoud Abbas Caves In: Recognizes the US as a Jewish State [Satire]

In a major breakthrough engineered by the great man of change and hope and who has blocked access to all documents that tell us anything about him, Israeli Vice President

British Zionists target children’s paintings to minimize Israeli Gaza war crimes impact on UK public

“… what the Jewish community leaders who rush to assist the Jewish state are doing is giving a clear message of Jewish collective support of Israel and its crimes.”

British Jews support Israeli war crimes

The Jewish community in Britain seems to be over the moon. A survey that was published a few days ago suggests that British Jews are nothing but “peace lovers”. The

Israel’s choice of lawlessness and defiance

It is becoming manifestly clear to everyone that the United States cannot be the broker for peace in the Middle East, but it can be a participant or consultant to

British Citizen vs. IDF Guard

One would expect the Foreign Secretary to care primarily about British citizens (in Somalia) rather than foreign (Israeli) soldiers who maintain an illegal occupation and the starvation of millions (of