Jewish settlements


Arab regime credibility hanging by its last invisible thread

Alan Hart views the state of Arab impotence in the face of Israel and the Zionist-lobby-controlled US, arguing that if the Arabs were serious and united, the mere threat of

Jewish settlers torch Palestinian cultivated fields

Jewish settlers on Thursday afternoon set fire to large areas of Palestinian owned land in the village of Hawwara to the south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus,

Jewish settler runs over three Palestinian children in Jerusalem

Three Palestinian children were wounded Friday in the Silwan suburb of Jerusalem when a Jewish settler deliberately ran then over.

350 units under construction after settlement freeze ended

A report published by the Haaretz daily said Israeli settlers began construction on 350 new settlement units in several settlements throughout the occupied West Bank since the end of the

Israel: Second-Class Citizens

Should Israel be encouraged to enact legislation guaranteeing equal rights for all of its citizens as part of any peace agreement with the Palestinians?

No amount of Hasbara could beautify Israel ‘s ugly face

Israeli hasbara doctors and their mouthpieces in the West don’t stop dithering about the perceived failure of the Israeli propaganda machine "to get the message through" to western audiences. Hundreds

NYT: U.S. tax dollars used for settlement activity

The newspaper said it had identified “at least 40 American groups which gathered more than 200 million dollars of tax-free donations for Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East

Jewish settlers escalate arrogant attacks on villagers

Police in the West Bank village of Luban Al-Sharqiya are investigating a fire which seriously damaged a mosque. The fire is the latest, in a series of arrogant settler attacks

Default Positions: U.S. immigration & Israeli settlements

How long have these illegal immigrants lived in the United States? Some for only a few months, but for the most part much longer.

Occupation authority serves demolition notices to five Palestinian families

The Israeli occupation authority has served five Palestinian families from the village of Yatta to the south of the southern West Bank city of al-Khalil with demolition notices at the