Jewish settlers


J’lem rights group: Israeli planners have begun isolating Issawiya from city

A rights group in occupied Jerusalem warned Saturday that Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) have kicked off a new scheme aimed at isolating the city’s Arab district of Al-Issawiya from the

UN, EU concerned over Israeli settlement activity as more settlers pour in OJ

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has expressed concern over the Israeli occupation authority's (IOA) announcement that 1,300 new housing units would be built in occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli Nazism, not anti-Semitism, is the real issue

Israel's fanatical supporters insist on behaving and acting like mad dogs by disregarding any consideration for honesty, rectitude and moral consistency.

Foreign activists take part in protest rally in JV

-- Inhabitants of Jaftelk village, Jericho district, in the Jordan Valley organized a protest sit-in on Saturday with the participation of foreign solidarity activists against Israeli settlement activity.

Jewish settlers annex Palestinian land south of Nablus

Jewish settlers from Eli settlement south of Nablus started to bulldoze Palestinian land near their settlement on Thursday without prior notice, eyewitnesses reported.

Jewish settlers on the rampage in Salfit

Extremist Jewish settlers on Sunday attacked Palestinian citizens while harvesting their olive crops west of Salfit and tried to rob their harvest, local sources reported.

IOF kidnap five Palestinian boys in Silwan

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped at dawn Sunday five Palestinian boys in Silwan town, south of the Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem.

Ibrahimi mosque closed for Muslim worshipers as settlers celebrate

Scores of Jewish settlers converged on al-Khalil on Friday afternoon to celebrate "Chaye Sarah" closing the mosque in the face of Muslim worshipers for the length of the festivity.

Israeli settlers beat up Palestinian young man in O. Jerusalem

A gang of fanatic Jewish settlers have attacked a Jerusalemite Palestinian young man in the western part of the occupied city while taking his coffee in one of the coffee

Settlers’ provocative march in Umm Al-Fahm triggers violent clashes

Violent clashes broke out Wednesday morning between the Palestinian natives of Umm Al-Fahm city, inside the 1948 occupied lands.