Michael Nabil’s release is essential for Egyptian democracy & rule of law

Dr. Michael Nabil Sanad, a 25 year old Egyptian veterinarian, has been sentenced to three years behind bars by a military tribunal. Today marks the 42nd day the blogger and

What US House Resolution 1765 tells us about the peace camp

Sama Adnan argues that efforts to educate the US public about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the need for a just solution to this conflict will remain incomplete and essentially toothless

Zionist lobby’s new orders for Obama

Alan Hart argues that new instructions issued to President Obama by Israel through its stooges in Congress, in the form of House Resolution 1734, might be a sign of panic

Israeli MKs call for assassinating Bishara, expelling Arab MKs from Knesset

Deputies in the Israeli Knesset (parliament) have called for assassinating former Arab MP Azmi Bishara, describing him as "terrorist".

Jewish aid boat sets sail to Gaza

An aid ship organized by Jewish activists left the northern Cypriot port of Famagosta on Sunday heading to the Gaza Strip in a bid to break the siege imposed on

Knesset committee recommends law set to arm more settlers

An Israeli Knesset interior committee recommended that Interior Minister Eli Yishai and Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich amend regulations for granting arms to Israeli settlers in the West Bank

Jewish and Arab sympathizers plan to send aid to Gaza

-- The organization of "Jews for a Just Peace in the Middle East" in Europe and "Jews for Justice for Palestinians" in Britain have announced their intention to send a

Supporting Goldstone without repudiating Israel, Zionism and Jewish collusion is cowardly

Debbie Menon welcomes the support of rabbis for Richard Goldstone, who had been excluded from his grandson’s Bar Mitzvah because of his report on Israeli crimes in Gaza, but condemns

Will Smith’s Last Pharaoh vs. Egypt’s History by Hollywood

Will Smith's latest project, The Last Pharaoh, is expected to be a mega action movie that will be seen by millions around the globe. Smith sits on the top of

Calling Joe Lieberman’s Bluff

Could such stress lead other individuals to embrace fundamentalisms, be they Muslim, Jewish or Christian?