Tarek Al-Zomar: President Morsi Released Revolution Youths Not Jihadists

Chairman of Construction and Development Party affirms that decision to release him and his brother, as well as other political prisoners, was made by the military council (SCAF) in 2011,

Center for Security Policy’s Sharia Report a Threat to USA Ethics?

The 177 page report which is titled Sharia: The Threat to America by the Centre for Security Policy has been unsurprisingly backed by a group who has called themselves Team

Egypt’s Brothers inaugurate global IkhwanWiki encyclopedia

Members of "Ikhwan Wiki" launched the Muslim Brotherhood's Wikipedia, the Group's new encyclopedia and largest documentary website similar to "Wikipedia", a free and open-access encyclopedia on the 61st anniversary of

Muslim Brotherhood use new media to document history

The Brotherhood uses its own website as a news portal featuring the group's latest news, publishing their press releases and announcements as well as op-eds by some of the group's

Egypt releases student after two years in jail, torture

The Egyptian blog Mahalla to Cairo reported on Sunday that a student who had been held for more than two years by Egyptian security forces had been set free on

Operation Breakfast Redux

he CIA’s escalating drone war in the Pakistani tribal borderlands and Richard Nixon’s secret bombing campaign against the Cambodian equivalent, argues Pratap Chatterjee.

Somali Islamists: A potential ally?

There are some huge misunderstandings within the international community about the role that Islam and Somalia's Islamists should play in the governance of Somali society and the de-radicalisation efforts.

The Muslim Brotherhood Goes Wiki

Al Jazeera.net reported today that members of the Muslim Brotherhood have erected an online encyclopedia to help inform the public about the organization’s history, ideology, and political aims. Dubbed Ikhwan

Abu Marzouk: Hamas Rejects Al Zawahri Statements

Al Zawahri Urges Hamas Reject Elections Abu Marzouk Says Hamas never Abandoned Rational Resistance Ayman Al-Zawahiri said that " Conspiracies are woven in Palestine against the concept of jihad", accusing