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IAF slams raised taxes in Jordan

A government decision to raise taxes and fees on some essential items to solve an expansion in the budget's deficit has been met with much opposition by activists in Jordan.

43 years on: the 1967 war-revisited

Under the Jordanian rule, the most important concern for the Jordanian authorities was loyalty to the King and his Hashemite family. The King was nearly ‘God on earth’ and the

MB offshoot in Jordan still to choose next leader

Indecision continues as leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front continues in Jordan.

Muslim Brotherhood describes Jordan ‘s new election law as debilitating

The Islamic Action Front in Jordan has criticised the latest electoral law, saying it will weaken its once strong existence in poll.

MB offshoot in Jordan condemn Israeli expulsion decision

Israel's latest decision to expel thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank has been viewed as a 'direct threat' to Jordan .

MB offshoot in Jordan to choose leader this week

The Islamic Action Front the Muslim Brotherhood's offshoot in Jordan has announced that a shura council meeting is scheduled for the upcoming week

MB offshoot in Jordan the IAF ratify shura council poll results

The executive office of the Islamic Action Front (IAF) MB in Jordan has officially ratified election results at 19 branches and called for reelection in two branches.

MB in Jordan call for closing of detainees’ cases

The detention of the IAF's (MB) members in Jordan constituted "a violation of the fundamental principles of human rights

Unofficial results reveal moderates sweeping Jordan’s MB elections

According to sources, the doves are likely to claim victory in decisive elections at the Islamic Action Front (IAF), MB in Jordan after informal results revealed them winning a clear

MB in Jordan initiate rally near Jordanian River

According to Muslim Brotherhood officials, the government has granted permission for organisers to go ahead with the event, which is expected to attract hundreds of Islamist supporters and activists.