Jordanian Parliament


MB offshoot in Jordan engages in sit in protesting to living standards

Jordanians engaged in a mass sit in where more than 3,000 Jordanian trade unionists, Islamists and leftists sat outside parliament protesting against the government's economic policies.

MB Offshoot in Jordan Calls for National Salvation Government

The Islamic Action Front in Jordan called for the launching of a 'national salvation government' in an effort to grasp both the political and social problems facing the country.

MB offshoot in Jordan freezes membership of 7

IAF members from Jordan 's Muslim Brotherhood's political arm have been suspended for standing as candidates in Tuesday's parliamentary elections in contradiction to the party's boycott of the polls.

Jordan’s boycott and tomato woes

The parliamentary elections slated for Tuesday to replace the body dissolved late last year have not exactly set the Kingdom's political life onfire. Some Jordanians will undoubtedly go to the

Jordan’s MB ousts 4 members for breaching boycott

The Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan the Islamic Action Front dismissed four of its members after they disregarded the decision to boycott the country's parliamentary elections scheduled for November 9.

Jordan’s Parliamentary Elections and the Islamist Boycott

Despite efforts by Jordanian Prime Minister Samir Rifai to dissuade the Muslim Brotherhood from its decision to boycott the November 9 parliamentary elections, the Brotherhood has held its ground, with

HRW Calls on Jordanian Government to Protect Political Freedoms

A rally organised by the youth office of the Popular Unity Party was not met with lightly following a decision by Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front to

MB offshoot in Jordan believes group’s presence in parliament is essential

The Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan the Islamic Action Front has stuck firm to its decision to boycott the elections scheduled for early November in protest to what they described

Jordan’s government faces little challenge with MB offshoot’s absence

According to the Jordanian Interior Ministry more than 800 candidates have registered to run in the Jordanian parliamentary election slated for November.

Jordan: MB offshoot calls on members to respect party’s decision and withdraw candidacy

The executive office of the Jordan 's Muslim brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front has announced that it will revoke the membership of Ahmed Oudah and Mad Allah Tarawneh if