Jordan’s MB


MB offshoot in Jordan still to decide on parliamentary election

The Islamic Action Front Party's general secretary Hamza Mansour reported that the group is still undecided on whether to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in November.

MB offshoot in Jordan calls on gov’t to disregard US and Israeli pressures on nuclear

The Islamic Action Front in Jordan issued a statement calling on the government not to yield to pressure from the US and Israel .

MB offshoot in Jordan considers boycotting elections

According to sources the Islamist action front movement in Jordan has alleged that it is considering boycotting parliamentary elections scheduled to be held later this year.

MB Jordanian offshoot, chooses new leader before parliamentary elections

The Islamic Action Front in Jordan announced Hamza Mansour as the party's new elected leader

IAF slams raised taxes in Jordan

A government decision to raise taxes and fees on some essential items to solve an expansion in the budget's deficit has been met with much opposition by activists in Jordan.

Skeptism over Jordan ‘s New election law

The new electoral law approved last week in Jordan has been slammed by critics who say it will fail to support reforms and only appoint MPs with tribal connections loyal

MB in Jordan wraps up Party’s elections

The MB offshoot in Jordan, The Islamic Action Front, convened earlier this week to determine the remaining members of its Shura Council and to plan its political agenda for the

Jordan decided against improving relations with Hamas

Sources in the Islamic movement in Jordan have said that Amman was waging a campaign against anyone collecting donations for Gaza or Palestine and was summoning writers advocating improved relations

MB offshoot in Jordan the IAF ratify shura council poll results

The executive office of the Islamic Action Front (IAF) MB in Jordan has officially ratified election results at 19 branches and called for reelection in two branches.

Mishaal calls for open campaign as of Tuesday to protect J’lem and Aqsa

Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas’s political bureau, called for initiating an open campaign on Tuesday to protect occupied Jerusalem, the Aqsa Mosque and all Islamic and Christian holy sites