Journalists for Reform


Journalists For Reform Mourns Charlie Journalists

Journalists For Reform denounces all violence against media professionals and regrets deaths of France's Charlie Hebdo journalists.

Egypt Journalist Movement Condemns Military Trial of Human Rights Activist Khaled Hamza

The Journalists for Reform movement criticizes referral of Khaled Hamza to a military court, and demands his release on grounds of ill health.

Freedom and Justice Newspaper Criticizes Forced Closure

It probably is no coincidence that state-run Ahram printers should stop the Muslim Brotherhood political wing's Freedom and Justice Newspaper, since the junta abducted the country's elected President Mohamed Morsi,

‘Journalists for Reform’ Movement Condemns Attacks on Journalists in Iconic Tahrir Square

Yet again, journalists doing their professional duties are brutally attacked, beaten, humiliated and detained, by the putschists’ security forces, in Egypt’s liberation square – Tahrir.

Rights Group: Naguib Sawiris Hunts Down Media Professionals, Violates Freedom of Opinion

Whereas every move by any Islamist to deter media workers who persistently circulate utter lies is strongly condemned by ‘private’ media, no-one is voicing any objections as Sawiris does worse.

Egypt ‘Journalists for Reform’ Condemns Lynching of Journalists at Church Ceremony

Journalist reform movement urges Syndicate chief Rashwan to take prompt action after journalists (male and female) are attacked physically and verbally at a church ceremony in Cairo.

Muslim Brotherhood Young Journalists Condemn Storming of Press Organizations HQs

Young Brotherhood journalists denounce attacks and vandalization of the offices of press organizations like Al-Watan newspaper.