Israeli authorities planning to eject 100,000 Palestinians from Jerusalem

Observers say the situation in Jerusalem is likely to explode in light of a decision by Israeli occupation authorities to demolish hundreds of Palestinian homes in the city.

Occupation bans renovation of a school which is considered part of the Aqsa

The Israeli occupation refused to allow the Islamic Awqaf department in Jerusalem to renovate Al-Khatouneyya school which is considered part of the main building of the Aqsa Mosque.

Tensions mount in Silwan as Israel detains child, threatens to take down tent

-- Israeli forces arrested Sunday morning the child Imran Mansur, 11, while in poor medical condition in his Wadi Hilwa home in Jerusalem’s Silwan district.

Settlers took over 75 building overlooking the Aqsa Mosque

A human rights organisation revealed that extremist Jewish settlers have so far taken over 75 Palestinian buildings overlooking the Aqsa Mosque, the last of which was the home of Qersh

Security ban anti-IOF rally outside Azhar Mosque.

Demonstrators were shocked to suddenly find themselves banned from entering Al-Azhar mosque by police forces.

A special Session for Islamist Parliamentarians to save al-Aqsa

The executive committee of the Global Forum of the Islamist Parliamentarians will hold a special session next month to stop the recent and continuous Zionist attacks against al-Aqsa holy mosque.