Ashraf Kazaz Extrajudicial Killing a Brutal Atrocity Added to Repressive Coup Regime Criminal Record

Lawless executions by the coup regime\’s interior ministry, the most recent of which was the murder of young Ashraf Kazaz in a gangland-style operation, are brutal crimes added to the

National Alliance Leader Bishr Protests Fact-Finding Committee Political Exploitation

Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr cancels scheduled meeting with the (July 3, 2013) coup atrocities Fact-Finding Committee after it broke its promises of independence and objective investigation.

Three Anti-Coup Lawyers Await Verdicts for Alleged Constitutional Court ‘Insult’

Overlooking drug lords and criminal thugs, junta justice arrests all opponents – anyone who shows dissent or exposes their fraud and corruption.

Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Dubious Subway Bombings in Cairo June 25

Muslim Brotherhood condemns the subway station bombings (earlier this week) and their perpetrators whoever they are, and pray for complete healing for the injured.

Judge Hisham Geneina: Least Government Corruption Ever Under President Morsi

According to ex-lawmaker Geneina, the legitimate President Morsi's brief term in office enjoyed the greatest degree of integrity and uprightness.

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Arrest of Judge Khoudairi

The military junta in Egypt escalates its war against all opponents, showing its heinous nature by arresting Justice Mahmoud Al-Khudairi, who – incidentally – is not a member of the

Egypt Legislature Does Not Seek Clash with Judges; Awaits Judicial Authorities’ Suggestions

Egypt’s Parliament will discuss proposed judicial law amendments after judge’s recommendations are received on Saturday.

Brotherhood: Guidance Bureau Has Not, Will Not Discuss Judicial Authority Law

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood refutes ‘reports’ by hostile media that claim the group’s top authority discusses the amended law to regulate the country’s judiciary.

Beltagy: Our Fight with Counter-Revolution, Not the Judiciary

Inappropriately wading deep in political waters, Justice Al-Zind (under investigation for graft) threatens Egypt’s upper house of parliament, demanding it drops intended amendments to Judiciary Law.

Egypt Parliament Discusses Judicial Authority Bill Monday

The legislative affairs committee of Egypt’s upper house of parliament invites government to attend Monday’s session in which Judiciary law amendments will be debated and possibly approved.