Judges’ Club


Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Warn of Consequential Chaos

In continuation of the persistent violations and abuses by the Egyptian security apparatus of human rights and freedoms in Egypt, its troops have today assaulted, beaten and detained  demonstrators supporting

Police Arrest 300 MB Members in Cairo, Police Truck Crashes

State Security police in massive numbers surrounded all entries to downtown Cairo to prevent large number of Egyptians who came from all over the country to show their solidarity to

Four Members of the Muslim Brotherhood Arrested in Alexandria

A state security police force arrested four members of the Muslim Brotherhood after searching their houses Monday morning in Alexandria-District of Al Gomrok and Al Manshya-north of Egypt.

The Day of Judges

Massive demonstrations erupted in downtown Cairo led by the Muslim Brotherhood parliament members in solidarity with the judges during their general assembly session on Thursday April 26, and to protest

Intellectuals claim Egypt poll fraud

Egyptian intellectuals and public figures from across the political spectrum have warned the government against the repercussions of election fraud and violence on democracy in the country.

Second phase of Egyptian polls sees higher turnout

>Turnout in the troubled first round of the second phase of Egypt’s month-long parliamentary elections stood at 28.6 percent, according to official results announced Wednesday.

An Ayatollah era in Egypt?

Egypt’s semi-official Al Ahram daily said in its November 22 editorial that the country’s second round of legislative elections were free and fair despite violence that left one person dead

Egypt’s Polls…State-owned Media Drops

While intimidation and wide-scale violence are making the headlines of Egypt’s hottest ever parliamentary elections, the state-owned media overage and performance in general reflected a deep state of chaos, "highly

Judges Request Army Protection for the Polls

Because of thuggery attacks on vote overseeing judges during the first and the second stages of the Egyptian parliamentary poll, the Egyptian Judges’ Club demanded the Supreme Election Commission to