judicial supervision


77.2% vote Yes in favour of referendum

The head of the Supreme Judiciary Committee which supervised the vote announced the referendum results which Egyptians participated in making it the first time in Egypt’s history the foregone conclusion

Egypt in the Cusp of Change

Egypt's popular revolution is about to meet yet another challenge with the referendum over the constitutional amendments just days away.The remnants of the National Democratic Party (NDP) supports the amendments

16,000 Judges to oversee constitutional referendum

Approximately 16,000 members from different judicial authorities are expected to supervise the referendum on constitutional amendments, according to Mohamed Atia, head of the supreme judicial committee appointed to oversee the

Egypt’s panel proposes constitution amendments

A committee formed by Egypt’s military rulers who took power from former president Mubarak following his ouster earlier this month met with the military council to look into the proposed

‘Participate, not contest’

The Muslim Brotherhood's decision to participate in, rather than boycott, November's parliamentary elections added a dash of spice to the otherwise insipid political climate.

Human Rights calls for judicial supervision of elections

A statement issued Friday by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights condemned the National Democratic Party’s refusal to respond to the demands by Egyptian political opposition forces who called for

Mubarak’s pledges of transparent elections lack integrity

The controversial Shura council nominations have demonstrated that integrity does not mean much to the authorities.

Sunday’s Vote Reveals Regime’s Stagnant Mentality, says MB Alex Chairman

Muslim Brotherhood chairman in Alexandria Osama Nasr said Sunday’s vote is "shameful", but that it will not deter the Muslim Brotherhood from practicing their democratic right.