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AUC Professor Calls for International Investigation into Terrorism Crimes in Egypt

Dr. Nader Al-Firgani, political expert and professor of economics at the American University in Cairo (AUC), called for an international investigation into the terrorism incidents that hit Egypt since the

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Shocking Verdict in Martyr Killers’ Case

FJP urges all the noble people of Egypt to maintain the peaceful nature of their protests despite their great anger and frustration at the absurd ruling issued by court earlier

Egyptian TV to Air Live Mubarak Sentencing Hearing, Saturday, on Charges of Murder, Corruption

Ashri demands upholding rule of law against criminal Mubarak, his sons and his senior officials accused of killing peaceful demonstrators and squandering state resources, in addition to other corruption and

Mukhtar Ashri: Freedom and Justice Party to Support Judiciary Bill in Parliament

Egypt’s newly-elected parliamentary majority party, the Freedom and Justice, is to study and propose important draft laws, while Ashri allays concerns that the party’s legal team is to merge judicial

MB to Recover Money Confiscated by Former Regime

Top Muslim Brotherhood lawyer Abdul-Moneim Abdul-Maqsoud, stated that the group’s defence lawyers had earlier submitted appeals to recover the confiscated money which belonged to the dozens of innocent MB members

MB lawyers call for trial of former regime symbols to be publicised

MB lawyers filed an appeal in the State Council against the Minister of Justice, the President of the Supreme Judicial Council and the President of the Cairo Court of Appeal.

Egypt PM apologises vowing all responsible will be held accountable

Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf apologised on Monday following the crackdown on demonstrators in Cairo over the people by vowing to seek a judicial investigation.

MB funds stolen by ousted regime returned by court order

Top Muslim Brotherhood lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud has stated that the Prosecutor General has ordered that confiscated funds be returned to their owners.

Attorney-General orders confiscated funds belonging to MB leaders be returned

In a recent statement top Muslim Brotherhood lawyer Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maqsoud, has confirmed that the Attorney-General on behalf of the Supreme State Security has responded to the memos issued by senior

Decision To Accept Corrupt Entrepreneurs Deals To Escape Trial Is a Political Decision for Egyptians

The Arabic Network has issued a statement stressing that accepting money offers from corrupt business men in order to escape trial is a political decision not a legal one.