More Anti-Coup Arrests Including Member of Sharqeya Detainees Defense Team

Military junta security forces in Sharqeya arrested three dissidents, who reject the coup, in Derb-Nagm town and nearby villages, including a member of the area’s detainees defense team, after raiding

Military Junta Justice Sentences 13 Anti-Coup Egyptians to Death

Shehab Center for Human Rights condemns Egypt coup regime's use of corrupt judiciary to eliminate opponents.

HRM’s Statement in Response to NCHR’s Rabaa Massacre Report

On 05 March 2013, Egypt's National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) launched a supposedly fact-finding, but in fact a deliberately flawed, report on Rabaa Al-Adaweya massacre.

Egypt Legislature Does Not Seek Clash with Judges; Awaits Judicial Authorities’ Suggestions

Egypt’s Parliament will discuss proposed judicial law amendments after judge’s recommendations are received on Saturday.

Global Forum for Islamic Parliamentarians: Bangladesh Gov’t Massacres Peaceful Protesters

Venerable international Islamic organization GFIP condemns Bangladesh government for using deadly violence against demonstrators.

Ahmed Arif: Muslim Brotherhood is Keen to Reconcile Legal Status

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood reiterates its resolve to legalize its status once a relevant law – currently being discussed by the country’s upper house of parliament – is passed.

SPEC’s Failure to Investigate Shafiq’s Corruption Remains Puzzling

While Dr. Morsi’s campaign hails Egyptian judiciary’s role in safeguarding the free and fair nature of the presidential elections, question marks still hang on the elections panel for failing to

Independence of Judiciary Leader: New Parliament Structure Supports our Demands

Hisham Geneina, Cairo Appeals Court President and a leader of the movement ‘Independence of the Judiciary in Egypt’, said that he has great confidence in the composition of the new

MB is now the most positive in the political action

The Writer, Intellectual and Historian Tarek Al Bishri, the former senior deputy chief justice of the State Council in his interview with "Addustour" The regime’s insistence on not amending articles