Judiciary Independence


MB Calls on Government for Five Immediate Changes to Secure Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman Dr. Mohamed Morsy, has announced that the MB has put together five demands urging the Egyptian regime to immediately put them into effect asserting that they

AlKarama for Human Rights Threatens to File a Complaint to the UN against Egypt

AlKarama for Human Rights threatened to address the UN regarding what it called “suppression of the opposition” and intellectuals and trying them before exceptional courts in violation of international conventions

Giza’s Attorney General Receives Complaint against Torture of MB Member

A 35-year-old accountant and a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure in 6th of October, Mohammed Ali Darwish, submitted a complaint to Judge Mohammed Zekri, head of the North Giza prosecution office,

MB leaders in International Networking Case to Sue Egypt’s Government before ICJ and British Courts

"Senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders abroad, who were convicted by the Supreme State Security Court in the alleged international networking case.

A talk with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Ibrahim Munir

Asharq Al-Awsat- In November 2010, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood achieved a ‘zero result’ in the country’s parliamentary elections, having previously held 88 national seats. As a result, the Brotherhood boycotted

Judges: Mubarak’s Speech Simply Repeated Promises

Commenting on Mubarak's speech at the country’s first ‘Judges' Day’, Judge Zakaria Abdel-Aziz, President of the Court of Appeals, said President Mubarak's speech is not new, but is repeating itself