Egyptian Revolutionary Council Letter to Obama Warns Against Sisi, Junta Terror

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council sends a letter to US President Obama reminding of Sisi regime crimes, warning they could lead to sectarian strife, violence and extremism.

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Coalition Calls Important Milestone: January 25 Revolution Protest Wave

In a statement, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance exhorts all patriotic Egyptians to join huge anti-coup protests across the homeland.

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Scholar and Senior Leader Gomaa Ameen

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns the death of its great leader Gomaa Ameen, the group's Deputy Chairman, and who died Saturday away from a homeland besieged by repression, despotism and oppression.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Hails Patriotic Egyptian People Marking Revolution Fourth Anniversary

The Muslim Brotherhood issues a statement to the revolutionary Egyptian People, assures the group will stand steadfast with the January 25 Revolution.

Egyptian Parliament Urges International Community to Stop Violation of Religious Sanctities

The Egyptian Parliament in exile strongly condemns attempts to ridicule and insult religious symbols.

Closing Statement of the National Coalition’s Conference to Support Syrian Revolution

In light of the revolution taking place in Syria and in the midst of the Syrian regime's increasing crimes that has exceeded all limits against our people in the homeland,

Jordanian MB Praises it Egyptian Counterpart’s Role in Shaping Country’s Future

Announcing its continued support to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, leader of Jordan’s Islamic Action Front stressed that it was vital that the MB, Egypt's most powerful political force, continue to play

Badie Warns of Falling Prey to Sectarian Strife

Describing the secular strife in Imbaba as designed to suit personal agendas Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie warned the people of the repercussions of falling prey to these efforts.

Foreign Policy: Mubarak’s Trial Will not Feed Egyptians

Despite the fact that Hosni Mubarak deserves to be on trial, the Egyptian people cannot eat transitional justice, the daily Foreign Policy said in one of its article.

Coptic Intellect: MB Wants Civil State Which Offers Copts their Rights, Freedom and Justice

A campaign to discredit the moderate visions of the MB began in Egypt after the curtailment of the statement made by Dr Mahmoud Ezzat, deputy chairman of the MB on