Kafr el Sheik


Elections Update:Egypt goes to poll with no sign of democracy

7:05 AM In Mansoura, witnesses watch thugs on motorcycles armed with chains, pocketknives and machetes leave from police station towards ballot stations.

Skirmishes in Kafr el Sheik Against MB Rally Result in Injuries

Security forces in Kafr El-Sheikh clash with supporters in a rally advocating Muslim Brotherhood candidates in the lead to the country's parliamentary elections.

Security continues arbitrary abductions and detentions

As the fierce campaign on the Muslim Brotherhood continues ahead of elections, state security abducted Nasser Hoary, Secretary for the candidate Abdullah Misbah.

Security forces abduct MB leaders in broad daylight

Security forces in Kafr El Sheik abducted two prominent MB leaders in broad daylight today. They were taken to an unknown destination hours after prosecution issued release orders to 5

Security forces raid businesses owned by potential MB candidates in Kafr el Sheikh

State security has wasted no time in applying their unjust measures against political opposition.

MB announces names of fielded candidates

The Muslim Brotherhood has announced names of candidates fielded in Egypt 's upcoming parliamentary elections. During press conferences the MB in the constituencies of Gharbeya and Qalyubiya have named 10

MB: Voters’ intimidations contradict Mubarak’s calls for transparent elections

The Muslim Brotherhood has reported extreme violations by the security forces against candidates and voters

Dr. Morsy: The regime’s violations exposes its intentions

Mohamed Morsy, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, criticized the continued abuses against the MB candidates with the upcoming Shura Council’s elections.

Security Forces arrest MB candidate supporters

As elections approach tensions increase and violations against political opposition escalate. Security forces continue with their suppression arresting MB supporters and followers.

Egypt: Interior Ministry defies Mubarak’s claims of free elections hauling in 20 MB

Security forces in Kafr el Sheik intercepted a peaceful electoral campaign taking place in Motubas.