Kafr El-Sheikh


Muslim Brotherhood Slams Latest Death Sentences Against Kafr El-Sheikh Stadium Youths.

 Every day, more unjust death sentences are issued against young Egyptians. We are in the midst of momentous and tragic changes in the history of the nation. The value of

Muslim Brotherhood Acting-Chief Ezzat Offers Condolences to Capsized Ship Victims’ Families

 I extend sincere condolences to the families of the young people who drowned off the coast of Kafr El-Sheikh (on the Mediterranean), Egyptians who tried to escape the hardships of

Kafr El-Sheikh Death Row Political Detainees in Day 6 of Hunger Strike

Protesting severe abuse for themselves in detention, as well as for their families in visits, prisoners of conscience refuse all food for sixth day running.

Brotherhood Leader Gazzar and 82 Morsi Supporters Arrested in Kafr El-Sheikh

The vengeful campaign of arbitrary arrests and detentions against all pro-democracy citizens rages on, with hundreds of innocent people thrown in dark dungeons just like in the darkest days of

190 Supporters of Democratic Legitimacy Injured, Brotherhood Property Demolished

In Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, yet more pro-democracy, pro-Morsi supporters fall dead and injured at the hands of post-coup security forces.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Old Regime Remnants, NSF and Rebel Attacks Friday

A whole catalogue of wanton acts of violence, murder, mayhem and destruction by ousted regime holdovers, Salvation Front and Rebel movement thugs.

Beltagy: Certain Stakeholders Reject Calls to Dialogue; Insist on Burning Homeland

FJP leader Beltagy exhorts all parties and movements to close ranks and save Egypt from the counter-revolution and another oppressive dictatorship.

FJP in Kafr El-Sheikh Accuses Rebel, Salvation Front of Looting and Torching Property

What hostile media describe as daily clashes between supporters and opponents of President Morsi are in fact vicious, violent and vengeful attacks against the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm,

Constituent Assembly Seeks to Hear ElBaradei, Zewail and Al-Baz Views, Suggestions

Egypt’s constitution-writing panel has held 50 hearing sessions, received 6500 suggestions for additions to the country’s first post-revolution national charter, and made 21 visits to provinces and universities across the

Dr. Morsi in Kafr El-Sheikh: I Am Confident of Judges’ Ability to Stop Fraud in

The revolution’s presidential contender meets elders and top leaders of the Egyptian governorate of Kafr El-Sheikh, and pledges to focus on their problems and to support full rejuvenation of the